I'm green with envy. Not to be mistaken with blue da ba dee da ba dai. 

The Plant-Skull on Her Head Can Control the Minds of Vegetables

glasses green skull - 5125204480
Created by Unknown

The Diamondfront Beachsnake

beach green swimsuit tan lines - 5053139456
Created by sweetmandyb

It's Baby Bop!

green leggings scene - 5001977856

What a Great Place for a Photoshoot

green photoshoot recycling - 5012383488
Created by Unknown

Please Use Stairs FAIL

escalator failboat g rated green lazy signs stairs stupidity - 4773054720
See all captions Created by Unknown

I Finally Have a Use For my CRT

computer dual use green monitor plants pot recycle - 4762418176
Created by Unknown

Paperless FAIL

Ad environment failboat g rated green irony paper print - 4753069568
See all captions Created by Unknown

I Thought Liver Failure Turned You Yellow...

green - 4669054464
Created by Unknown

Environmental FAIL

air conditioning america failboat g rated green truck - 4725423872
See all captions Created by murderbyjill

An Orange Purse?! Are You Crazy?

green orange pink purse store wig wtf - 4512300032
Created by Unknown

The Jolly Green Giant Knows How To Party!

couch drunk green passed out prank stacking vegetables - 4469304320
Created by Unknown

So. Many. Colors.

blue boa colors green juggalo - 4446273536
Created by Monky Magic for Gold

My Kind Of Oscar Party

green trash wtf - 4448535808
Created by Unknown
crazy green Video - 13228801

Steam Bike

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advertisement alcohol drinking green happy hour - 4284536064
Created by Unknown

For Your Protection

green prank rage saran wrap - 4078147840
Created by Unknown