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15 Brain Titans Whose Titanic Minds Dwarf Your Single Digit IQ

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She Would Have Been Happy With a 66.6%

answers school parenting grades devil - 8985298432
By Unknown

Talk About Curves

School of FAIL grades - 6675344128
By Unknown

Good Enough

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Either Way, I Don't Care

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Ho Upgrades Her A's To B's In Just 4 Years

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RT If Your Parent's Won't Understand That You Had To Fail That Last Class

RT If Your Parent's Won't Understand That You Had To Fail That Last Class
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Teacher Surveys Just BEG for Jokes

teachers grades funny survey - 8206038784
By JoshtheRoo

You Can Get Your Grade Changed, but Do You Want to Fill Out the Paperwork?

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Why Do You Deserve and A?

the logic of getting an A
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The Benefits of Getting Good Grades

it pays to balance your family check book.
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Dinosaurs Are Quite Threatening

a dinosaur will crush your car!
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An Odd Grade to Get on Your Homework

harry potter means you did well
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How Would You React to a Note Like This?

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Sometimes You Have to Run for Your Life

loving yourself will keep you alive
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Who Desires an F?

wtf grades funny college g rated School of FAIL - 8426726400
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