thread of guy wandering around creepy fake town that's probably a government training site

Thread: Dude Wanders Into Creepy Fake Town

Oh cool, a fabricated ghost town.
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A bizarre story about a dude probably accidentally walking into a government populated town.

Man Wanders Into Strange Town, Things Only Get Weirder

Literally right out of the "Truman Show."
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A Tumblr thread about people guessing top secret info with common sense | phoenixyfriend 5 spazzcat Follow tilthat TIL Tom Clancy's stories were so detailed, many assumed he ex-military fact he never served. He wrote most his stories his spare time whilst working as an insurance salesman. via alternative-munster Follow He actually interrogated by Feds this.

Tumblr Thread: Tom Clancy's Brain Freaked Out The Military

The dude was an insurance salesman.
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Farmer ends up sticking it to the government in glorious fashion | r/ProRevenge Join u/yoloswagernaut 9h 1 This comment another user on r/gifs city near had farmer holding out as city expanded city wouldn't let him sell his land zoned commercial, since farm. While completely surround by commercial development city wanted him sell land zoned agriculture. Basically let some dev bulldozer fields and flip commercial space. Easily 10x. Settled into stalemate.

Farmer Sticks It To The Government

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Tumblr thread provides info on financial assistance for disabled people | stealthpenguingamergirl S naikoru Follow marauders4evr Follow Abled Person: Hey man, can hold this wad 2,000 and this one penny while open my wallet? Disabled Person COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL United States Government:

Educational Tumblr Thread On Financial Assistance For Disabled People

The system sounds like a mess.
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Man gets investigated by the FBI for doing his job | r/tifu JOIN u/nothintooseahear 4d TIFU by being investigated by FBI doing my job This happened about decade ago, and l'm finally comfortable sharing this anonymously public.

Man Investigated By FBI For Doing His Job

What a scare.
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Declassified CIA documents appear to show Soviet paranormal experimentation | Emma Best (Mx. Yzptlk NatSecGeek NEW took four years but just got some newly declassified CIIA reports studying Soviet Union's use black magic telepathic mind control and "psychotronic generators devices they said turned people into psychics and let them move objects with their minds FOIA

Twitter Thread: Declassified CIA Documents Go Full "Stranger Things"

Now that's a trip.
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Person explains why Americans complain about America despite the nation's riches | Why do all Americans whine and bitch so much about being American? Seriously need start being proud yourselves and country. Many people would kill be an American and enjoy things moan about Why do complain so much tell why: Living united states is supremely fucked up cause one richest, most powerful juggernauts on planet, but average citizen has relatively infinitesimal access wealth and power, and very little the

American Explains Why Americans Still Complain About America

Yeah, that sounds about right.
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government China creepy weird Video politics - 795398

Scary Bullet Train Announcement Is A Dystopian Vision Of The Future

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sketchy government criminal military ridiculous Video - 99845633

FBI Arrests Hayward Man Accused Of Spying For Chinese Intelligence Agency

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Guy compares strengths of weed through time and does the math to see how strong officials claim weed to be.

Guy Does Math On How Strong Officials Say Weed Is Now

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predicting only 12 people will show up to storm area 51

19 People Share Their Predictions For What Will Happen With "Storm Area 51" Event

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Aliens news government area 51 Memes ridiculous funny - 8797957

14 Memes About The 300,000 People Signed Up To Storm Area 51

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dad is asian ron swanson, wholesome twitter, son tweeting about dad,

Guy's Wholesome Twitter Thread Explains How His Dad Is Asian Ron Swanson

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dogs government ridiculous Subway funny - 8559877

NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag, Owners Didn't Disappoint (14 Images)

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false advertising

20 Propaganda Campaigns That Were so Successful People Still Believe Them Today

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