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A Google Executive Tops Felix Baumgartner's Record-Breaking Jump With This 26-Mile Dive

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Colbert Says His Height is 5'11''. When He Complained Google Got it Wrong, This Happened.

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Your Children Won't Believe You When You Tell Them

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New Phone Features Include: Making You Feel Like an Idiot

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There Aren't a Lot of Options for English Grads

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The Internet Vs Academia

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The Prof is Keeping Up With Current Events, it Seems

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They Say You Only Get Served Ads Based on Your Search History...

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Google, We Have to Talk

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One Man Experiences the Joy That Only a Chosen Few Ever Will

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Sea Stars Are Turning into Goo

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Agree or Disagree With This Assessment of Vine?

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Wonder Who Gave Him That Shirt

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With Customer Service Like This, of COURSE People Want to Jump on the Fiber Bandwagon

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These Are the Real Thoughts Plaguing Our Generation

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Google Donates Over $100,000 for a Shower Bus for the Homeless

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