funny tweets from twitter

Funny Tweets From The Wide World Of Twitter

It's big.
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funny bird memes

Birds Of Chaos Who Played By No Rules

They didn't even know rules exist.
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funny tumblr gems

Random Tumblr Gems To Hack Through With A Machete

There's something out there.
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aww wholesome dads twitter parenting lol nice dad goofy family daughter funny - 16071429

Wholesome Dads Whose Daughters Gave Them Makeovers

That's some pure, uncut, quality dad behavior right there. This too-wholesome-for-its-own-good twitter thread has dads from all over sharing some potentially unflattering, but highly endearing glamor shots of themselves after their daughters got at them with make-up. For some extra wholesomeness, here are some wholesome memes because everyone deserves a nice break.
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Badass cringe lol goofy tough Alphas dumb cringeworthy - 16044805

Cringeworthy Signs Someone Is Trying Too Hard To Look Tough

By all means express yourself, but if constantly talking about how you “could totally beat someone up if you really wanted to but don't right now” isn't exactly the quickest way to earn people's respect. We've all known a few people like this. Some of us have even done this stuff before realizing its not having its intended effect. If you find yourself crafting a multi-paragraph Facebook post about how you're a shark and these waters are your grisly home, save that bad boy in drafts, sleep on i…
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Santa Clause with goths and metalheads

Goths And Metalheads Who Took Photos With Santa

'Tis the season!
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pictures of people taking pictures of mirrors in an attempt to sell them

People Trying Their Best To Sell Their Mirrors

Good effort.
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funny tumblr thread of a human on a Vulcan ship | idontwant-these Star Trek idea comedy sitcom where instead Vulcan on mostly human ship is human on mostly Vulcan ship | All Vulcans are fiercely protective fragile, illogical, prone--danger, smart, reckless little human make human feel more accepted (as is only logical Vulcans try include aspects terran culture ship's day--day life, failing spectacularly at human loves them even more | IS BIRTHDAY. They'll get better at celebrating human

Tumblr Thread: The Human on A Vulcan Ship

It's the thought that counts.
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funny cute dogs in bags

Dogs In Bags Living Their Best Lives

The cat's out of the bag and the dog is in.
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funny jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Mercifully Lift The Unamused Out Of Boredom

Hoist those spirits.
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funny, random and ridiculous tumblr gems

Funny Tumblr Gems To Paw At Like a Bawdy Victorian Tax Collector

The visual makes sense, sort of.
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funny tweets and tumblr gems

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Kick Boredom In The Groin

Get outta here, void!
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funny tumblr thread where a Vulcan gets a cat

Tumblr Thread: A Vulcan Gets a Cat

Behold, the wacky systems of meaning behind seemingly basic things!
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets To Grind Boredom Into The Dirt

Get back, void!
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funny moments of kids being stupid

Signs Kids Are Dumber Than Bushels of Hammers

They're pretty dumb for people who spend so much time in school.
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