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funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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Things that might be more expensive but are good ideas

Things That Are Actually Sort of Worth The Money

Hey, it's just smart.
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Twitter thread on debate party idea | tweet by christineexists my friends routinely have bracket nights where pick 16 something tonight types chairs argue about them until crown winner

Twitter Thread on Random Brackets Is a Really Good Idea

If you need a conversation starter, here you go.
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good idea FAIL funny stories bad idea injury lol story dumb mistake dangerous stupid - 8720901

19 Regretful People Share What Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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discoveries slogans credit good idea fire stories theft drowning - 6040069

31 People Share Amazing Things They Did And Never Received Credit

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Just Go At Night!

the sun, nighttime, genius, good idea
Via Creamcheese77

That's Just Preposterous...And Awesome

bottles good idea sports - 4269646592
By Unknown

Seems Reasonable

boring drinking good idea funny - 8328568832
Via Cigar Gal

Don't Drown the Beer

he's a true hero, keep those beers above water
Via Splatacus

Thanks Past Me!

good idea high food after 12 - 8458032384
By Unknown

Weed Fixes Everything

marijuana makes everyone happy
Via Torontomisfit

Feel the Pride

proud drunks are the best drunk
Via p3asant

This Is What 80% of Your Drunk Conversations Sound Like

drunk ideas are the best ideas
Via xp01s0nx

How Do You Deal With Your Family?

good idea booze family funny after 12 g rated - 8418851072
Via Jon Cornelius

Beer, It Gives You Awesome Ideas

beer good idea awesome pig funny - 8402604288
Via Demacho

That's a Good Self Summary

good idea profile online dating funny dating - 8358472704
Via New Englander9
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