Soccer player drinks cup thrown from stands after making a goal

Soccer Player Scores Goal, Catches Thrown Cup, Drinks It

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Soccer player scores a goal, so he jumps into the stands to cheer himself on.

Guy Scores a Goal and Cheers Himself from the Stands

An excellent goal celebration.
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butt sports goal hockey - 1657861

Watch This Hockey Player Score a Goal on His Own Team with His Own Butt — Yeah, That's Right, His Butt

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goal hockey trick shot Video win - 81849089

Why Not Turn Your Hockey Stick into a Javelin to Win a Shoot Out?

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sports goal FAIL soccer Video - 541188

Annnnd That's How You Score On Yourself

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greece sports goal australia soccer win - 235527

Watch Greek Soccer Player Maniatis Nail a Goal From His Own Half

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lacrosse sports goal amazing Video - 222471

Watch a Major League Lacrosse Defender Score an 80-Yard Goal to Force the Game into OT

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adorable sports goal parenting soccer classic Video win - 75244033

Cheering For This Cute Goal Never Gets Old

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sports goal goalie soccer Video - 73437697

Watch as This Goalie Scores an Amazing Backheel Goal in a Soccer Match

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She Said Door, and She Meant Door!

door school goal kids parenting spelling - 8374521600
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goal education - 6759455744
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sports goal hockey Video g rated win - 71211777

Unfortunately, This Incredible Soccer Headbutt Goal Didn't Count, Because There's No Justice in Hockey

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Dream Big, Anthony!

goal kids parenting teenage mutant ninja turtles truck - 8435937536
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Not Exactly How it Works

school goal kids parenting - 8116380928
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The Best Goal I've Ever Accomplished

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It's Good to Have Goals

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