It's a Slippery Slope

beer glass funny - 7013118464
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When You Really Want to Shake Up Your Drink

drink glass funny cocktail - 7490904832
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A Wine Glass That Will Hug Your Face

awesome wine glass funny after 12 g rated - 7466380800
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Great, a Glass Made to Spill Scotch

scotch strange spill glass funny - 7463087872
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Dammit I Forgot the Glass Again

beer spill Party glass - 7148777728
Created by longsee4

This Counts as Moderation Right?

wine glass huge - 7186200576
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Glass Sculpture WIN

art sculpture design glass - 7048114944
Via Marta Klonowska

And Then Comes the Second Glass

alcohol wine glass after 12 g rated - 7017011968
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Disasters of Ikea

furniture table ikea glass fail nation g rated - 7000912896
Via Reddit

Light Art WIN

art design glass light pretty colors - 6926181632
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Dropped Something FAIL

cars driving glass window - 6852415232
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Mila Kunis Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Glass

wine glass - 6819008512
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Well, The Neon Tubes Are Technically Glass...

glass - 6598596608
Created by Onslow Faust

FAIL Nation: Revolving FAIL

crash glass ouch - 6570656000
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Camera Book Ends WIN

bookend camera design glass - 6537548544
Via Fotodiox

Glass Table FAIL

broken glass table - 6497569024
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