Little girl gets caught in a kite and gets launched into the air before safely coming back down.

3-Year-Old-Girl Caught On Kite Launched Into Sky

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Video of a little girl getting chased by a deer.

Unsuspecting Little Girl Gets Chased by Deer

Life can be a real jerk sometimes.
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FAIL heartwarming kid hockey NHL girl funny win - 386822

Hockey Player's Gift to Girl Is an Emotional Rollercoaster

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ouch girl - 72488705

Dentistry, The Inexpensive Way

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Did You Keep Any In The Printer?

girl messy oops toner wtf - 3812754176
Created by Unknown

The Fairly Oddparents Teach Us About the Gender Paradigm

gender Fairly Oddparents girl women - 7165310464
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I Just Don't Know!

boy comics girl - 6958609920
Via Seamus Gallagher

Is That Tome Selleck's Daughter?

mustache girl - 6836954880
Created by Unknown

Teste Today, Are We?

girl periods puns So Much Pun - 6609023744
Created by Novem_Vulpes

Yeah Baby!

girl old fashioned - 6422846720
Via Married to the Sea

Well Now I'm Sad.

funny omegle chat of two dudes who will forever be alone
Created by Unknown

Parenting Fails: Not Going Anywhere for a While?

cat g rated girl Hall of Fame hug Parenting FAILS - 6335297280
Created by Unknown

Parenting Fails: Barbies or Legos? Can't I Have Both?

engineering g rated girl Parenting FAILS - 6307387392
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He's Really Good At Making Quesadillas

girl iPhones typos - 6257378560
Created by Unknown

Dedicated Employee Is Dedicated

bathroom floor girl laptop Multitasking restroom - 6005375232
Created by Unknown

Gotta Catch 'Em All

bra girl pokeball Pokémon shirt - 6008742912
Created by Unknown
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