gift card

scammer contacts guy and he wastes time

Guy Prescribes Dose of Own Medicine to Scammer

It's the right thing to do.
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friend is always late and won't apologize, is given a gift card with no money

Constantly Late Friend Won't Apologize, Tastes Wrath of Decoy Gift Card

The ol' gift card runaround.
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Man mistakes his credit card for a gift card and then an expensive fail ensues.

Man Mistakes Credit Card For Gift Card, Expensive Fail Ensues

Oh man, that's a tough day.
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Fingers Crossed

gift card failbook - 8792855808
Via memewhore

The Sharpest Spoon in the Drawer

best buy gift card - 6698547456
By Unknown

Too Good to be True

gift card rumors scam Starbucks - 5327789824
By Johnny Walker