It doesn't matter where you are in the world, all German kids are kinder.

FAIL german Germany mother mom iphone - 4968709

Mom Fails to Set Language Correctly and Hilarity Ensues

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It Sounds the Same to English-Speaking Ears Anyway

tumblr german language failbook - 8272788992
Via reallynotaprincess

German Was Always Such a Romantic Language

language german translation failbook - 8143931392
Via Polish That Turd

One Holy Tankard

german funny stein - 7970103296

Zat is 5,029,738 Points für Me!

german Germany monday thru friday g rated - 7951749376

Germans Know What's Up

beer german scooter funny - 7908527872

Now That's How to Drink Lager

beer german awesome funny - 7877864448

Best Meal Ever

beer german ocktoberfest food - 7823012096

How People Learn German

german Music g rated - 7655558144
Created by The_Meme_Maker

How Far We've Come

Music german heavy metal funny - 7550016768

History Fail

nazis german pearl harbor world war 2 - 6735799296
Created by Unknown

Failbook: Ain't Nobody Got Time Für Zat!

german languages United Nations - 6621396992

Entschuldigung... (Sorry...)

apology german Germany sorry - 6565923328

Engrish Funny: Hey Mediterranean Sea, What's With the Attitude?

english french german italian - 6407828736
Created by DEmonCrypt

Ich Bin Ein Schones Zweigeschlecht

german pun rammstein - 6403119872
Created by Unknown

Engrish Funny: Get It Right, You Föl!

differenze linguistiche english german Germany - 6338518784
Created by catkindo
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