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Funny Tumblr Thread on the Spice that Han Solo was smuggling | vanyaliful S novasstillintheair Follow prokopetz Follow know Star Wars extended universe treats "spice" like 's this big scary drug, but kind like imagine s basically just space weed, and only reason Han got trouble with Imperials over Jabba's cargo is he evading import tariffs. alexanderrm Follow If just looking at mentions original trilogy, is there evidence 's even drug and not something put on bland food make taste like something

Tumblr Thread: What Exactly Han Solo Was Smuggling

Spice. Not even once.
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george lucas star wars awesome Video win - 107348225

George Lucas Explains The Force

Well said.
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George Lucas shows up in background of Nuclear documentary

George Lucas Shows Up In Background of Random Documentary

There he is!
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Guy on Twitter calls out people's complaints about the new Star Wars movie | tweet by McJesse Oh no Star Wars had some inconsistencies So sad. Listen here motherfucker saw Episode 1-3 theaters sat through shit couldn't imagine

Star Wars Fan Calls Out People's Complaints

This committed Star Wars fan had had enough.
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Hipster Hypocrisy

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By Zimmy

Princess Vader

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Return of the Jar-di

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By Jason Baker

Failbook: How George Lucas Gets Ideas

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George Lucas's Sandwich

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