funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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impressive cool smart awesome genius Video win - 107467777

Man Has Genius Innovation To Prevent Thieves From Stealing His Tools

This guy's on a whole another level.
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coworkers Office genius - 15200005

New Office Neighbor Enacts Epic 'Office Door Policy' That We Need to Standardize

Guy creates open door policy that should be common practice.
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Boss angry he is not treated like genius

Insecure Boss Blows Up Because Employee "Doesn't Assume He Is A Genius"

Cool dude.
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funny good ideas

Mostly Pretty Good Ideas From Brilliant Geniuses

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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people bragging about their intelligence

Pompous "Geniuses" Who Need A Prescription For Chill Pills

Just chill out, man.
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cringeworthy bragging people who think they're smart

Cringeworthy Mind Tyrants Who Think They're Geniuses

Why do people have to be like this.
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child prodigy brother told a girl doesn't like him because he's a jerk, not because he's smart

Condescending Genius Brother Finally Gets Told He's a Jerk

Being smart isn't everything.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart

Bragging Brain Lords Who Believe They're Geniuses

And they're here to clog up the comments section.
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People who think they're way smarter than they are | imagine having an iq lower than 130 dude shut up youre bad with words

Self-Titled Geniuses Who Sprayed the Internet with Cringeworthy Bragging

It's hard to talk to someone who think's they're on another plane of existence.
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Stupid, silly, clever and dumb puns | spilled tub of hellman oh no qasimple what the hallman. tweet by Tom Bellingham TommyWTF1 Star Wars characters seeing themselves 4K first time Han Solo Wow HD Yoda: HDMI2 Screen M D

A Bundle of Beautiful Stupid Puns

Or a pundle, if you will.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | why do believe 2+2 4 could 65 just got told %3D something and listened could be wrong everyrhing know is just something said by government or society

People Who Think They're Absolute Geniuses

It really makes you think, man.
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Dumb people bragging about how smart they think they are | Suggested MentalFeed 1d O is IQ is IQ? START! EN.MENTALFEED.COM is IQ? Answer these 10 simple questions honestly and try 55 23 Comments 1 Share O Like Comment Share Top Fan close but about 30 points below know my IQ is.

Ridiculous Folks Who Think They're Brilliant

Who even still takes those online IQ tests?
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Dumb people who brag about how smart they think they are | Skewed and Inaccurate test' is GEARED entirely towards right- brain activity and, so, is skewed and inaccurate. Having taken hundreds IQ tests my life (not mention holding multiple Post-Graduate technical degrees with GPAS 3.5 or better first which achieved at age 21 am well-aware my IQ which is significantly above average so-called 'test' put is generally considered be mentally challenged' range. Maybe better re-think test.

Laughable People Who Think They're Brilliant

Make way for the large-brained.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | use long words make sound more photosynthesis Photosynthesis is plant converts energy sun into energy its body word can not be used sentence 16:04

Ridiculous People Who Think They're Geniuses

Cool, man.
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Dumb people bragging about how smart they think they are | well, i am cursed with too knowledge for one person to contain

Absurd People Who Think They're Total Geniuses

Move over, intellectual titans coming through.
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