AITA for giving my cousin's wife a Roomba?

Major Gift Fail: Woman visits cousin's dirty home and decides to buy his wife cleaning supplies for her birthday

There are bad gifts and then there are insulting ones. This was both.
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things that confuse women about men

Women Share Things They Find Most Confusing About Men

I contain multitudes.
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gender aita mother relationships lizard daughter funny - 15959557

Resentful Mother Refuses to Attend Daughter’s Lizard’s Gender Reveal Party

Wait. What?
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Most infuriating myths about men in an AskReddit thread | buh-roken 19h watching their own children and someone says "Aww look who's babysitting today

Most Infuriating Myths About Men

Men can be sensitive.
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AskReddit user examines the male relationship with the idea of romance | r/AskMen Posted by FitzDizzyspells Female Why don't men get as much thrill over fictional romances as women do? Men fall love too, so why don't they enjoy good love story? And if do are favorites TV, books, movies Discussion

AskReddit User Examines Male Perception Of Romance

This doesn't apply for everyone, but it's still an interesting read.
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Generalizations and myths that men are tired of hearing.

Generalizations that Men are Tired of Hearing

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Tumblr users sketch silly pictures inspired by abstract gender chart.

Tumblr Pokes Artistic Fun at Overly Abstract Gender Chart

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defending star wars male fans

Triggered Woman Defends Men Against A Toxic, Geek Culture Hater

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clothes women like to see on men

12 Ladies Share Things Guys Wear That Attracts Their Attention

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gender list stories dating - 1068805

These Men Are Ready To Spill the Beans on a Few "Man Secrets" That Just Confirm What Women Already Suspected

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We are a Generation Deivded

funny parenting tweet generation of gender issues
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gender sexism boobs magician Video magic - 82661121

Watch a Magician Try to Make Sexism Disappear With One Weird Trick

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Talking Y2K But Thinking Double-D

gender boobs threat dating - 8977057024
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physics FAIL job gender - 138246

Not Even Being a Literal Astronaut Will Save You From Being Mansplained To Online

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Don't Let the Garlic Bread Get to You

gender failbook Memes facebook bread - 8803595264
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gender work invention clock money Video - 79687681

What if Women Only Worked as Much as They Got Paid, About 79% of a Work Day?

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