Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

You Calling Me Gay? I'll Take That as a Compliment!

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By Unknown

"Straight" Into the Friendzone

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By Unknown

Thuper Mario Bros.

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Should Have Left These Shirts in the Closet

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By Unknown

Parenting Fails: Kids Say the Darndest Things

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By Unknown

Make Your Choice, Fix'd

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By Aidan

Riddle Me This...

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By Unknown

It Gets Better (Than This)

Text - Blood on the Dance Floor - "BEWITCHED" Official Music Video fe 60 videos officialbotdf Subscribe this song is so inspiring, im gay and everyone in school threw raw chickens at me. so i listened to botdf then i realized there are people even gayer than me. thanks guys my self esteem is sky high now AndrewsWork1 6 hours ago 31 0:57/3:56 MUSIC.FAILBLOG.ORG
By Unknown

Not Fake and Gay

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By Envinite

Musica Magistra Vitae

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Failbook: We Shouldn't Be So Cruel to Gay Couples as to Make Them Go Through the Same Crap as Straight Couples

Babies baby failbook g rated gay gay marriage LGBT parenting - 6494549760
By Unknown
fail nation fire gay Protest Video YT video - 40504577

FAIL Nation: Protest FAIL

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Failbook: Scaredy-Cats

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By Unknown

Does He Share Your Taste in Musicals? Sorry, It IS Too Good to Be True

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By Unknown

Well at Least I Had My Coffee First

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By Unknown

Failbook: In Which Chick-Fil-A May Have Pretended to Be a Teenaged Girl on Facebook

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By Unknown