Person pumping gas shoots it at potential robbers, makes them flee

Robbery Thwarted By Quick-Thinking Gasoline Shooter

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Guy's language translation fail results in him filling up his Petrol car with Diesel.

Guy's Translation Fail Results In Him Filling Up His Petrol Car With Diesel

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Siphoning Gas FAIL

gasoline smoking - 6176001536
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The Eternal Dream

booze funny gasoline the simpsons homer simpson - 8255196160
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Just Count How Many Grammatical Errors You Can Find in This Sign

fuel grammar gasoline g rated monday thru friday - 8005603328
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You're Looking at Genius Right Here

bad idea cars genius funny gasoline - 7730024960
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bad idea fire genius funny Video gasoline fail nation - 52988929

A Pool Table and a Bunch of Gasoline, This Should End Well

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"Don't Ask..."

fuel gas station helicopter gasoline monday thru friday g rated - 7592062464
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More Importantly, We Don't Have to Drink Gasoline Anymore!

beer driving gasoline - 6836943872
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Ugh, I Spilled Electricity Everywhere!

fuel gasoline - 6739308800
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FAIL Nation: Fill 'er Up FAIL

car cars gas gasoline tank - 6554780416
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It's a Conspiracy!

gas station gasoline shell - 6508188416
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What the Shell Happened Here?

gas gas station gasoline shell - 6491403008
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Life Tip: No Gasoline Butt Rockets

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Flag Burning FAIL

fire gasoline gifs Hall of Fame - 6378689792
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So Then It's Empty Then?

fuel gasoline oil - 5907084544
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