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The Reviews Are In For This Demonic Garfield Plush

Something's off.
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Tumblr thread investigates disappearance of Lyman, John's old roommate in Garfield | List Did hear Something happened kitchen! Chooalate Covered Denits Sown Coc BOnuts Bhueberny Muffins Chocolate Chip Muffins l ChaMe Donts popular 90s Garfield flash game Garfield's Spooky Scavenger Hunt which can find Lyman chained up basement as hidden eastern egg. He begs Garfield give him some muffins eat, then disappears after leave room and come back. Garfield Lore is pretty messed up dig around. mousathe14

Tumblr Thread: The Creepy Disappearance of Jon's Roommate in Garfield

They could have just dropped it but no.
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Guy orders Garfield toy and get sand, and can't find a solution | Quinton Reviews @Q_Review bought big Garfield plush GarfieldEats, personally talked their CEO about getting delivered, fought weeks get delivered, and s sand. There's nothing box but sand s, like, sand child's castle playset hell | SABLE BL WHITE SA Sandtastik Alew Play Sand DEAL INDOOR PLAY USE CL UNTABLE OUTDOOR AREAS MOLDS GREAT MOST EeRONMENTALLY FRENDLY CONTAING NO FREE SILICA CONTANS NO PREE GUARTZ *oNATTURAL 25 ib (11.3 kg)

Dude Orders Garfield Toy, Gets Bags of Sand

Honestly it's shocking that there's still Garfield hype out there.
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Quick Tumblr thread breaks down how Garfield lore is pretty messed up.

Quick Tumblr Thread On Garfield Lore Being Pretty Messed Up

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Confused John Mayer asks people on Twitter why Garfield hates Mondays so much.

Confused John Mayer Asks Internet Why Garfield Hated Mondays So Much

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what is garfield's gender

Doubts Over Garfield's Gender Ends Up Igniting Extremely Passionate Twitter War

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Take It Easy, Margaret

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RDJ Hates Cute, and Mondays

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What a Lazy Cat

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Garfield Hits a Low Point in His Life

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Crunk Critters: I Hate Mondays. And Fridays. And Saturday Nights.

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After 12: Somebody Call John, Garfield Passed Out Again

after 12 beer bottle drinking drunk garfield Party passed out sidewalk - 5505436160
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