impressive crazy games awesome chess Video win - 106811137

World Chess Champion Displays Mind Blowing Memory

What doesn't this guy remember.
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employee lets kids run Pokémon league, kids get paid eventually

Negligent Employee Gives Pokémon League Duties to Random Kid, Kid Gets Back Pay

What a time to be alive.
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Nostalgic memes for the 80s and 90s | old enough remember very first TED talk most excellent. bill and ted excellent adventure Alex Winter Keanu Reeves. Wanna know got these scars VEPS the joker heath ledger batman the dark knight ice pops

Nostalgic Memes for the 80s and 90s Kids

Well, we'll never get those days back.
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Person applies to college claiming to be a race from dungeons and dragons | r/tifu Posted by stplkinatmswn TIFU Unknowingly Applying College as Fictional Race. So little backstory my knowledge just about 8th Native American. My parents didn't raise spiritual or anything but knew they did have little shrine they liked keep some things and whatever just part house had friends ask about and nothing crazy.

Person Accidentally Applies to College as Fictional Race from Dungeons and Dragons

The problems of having nerd parents.
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Things people regret getting rid of because they're valuable now | DinaDinaDinaBatman 24.7k points 10 hours ago had complete collection teenage mutant ninja turtles figures packed them into box and put them away then later looking them couldn't find them asked my mother oh those threw them out weren't playing with them anymore"

Valuable Collections People Regret Getting Rid Of

The things that have been lost for just a little more attic space.
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bethseda skyrim memes

The Bethesda The Best Skyrim Memes We Could Find

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nostalgic images that you are clearly longing for

21 Nostalgic Images from the Recent Old Days to Soak Your Heart with Longing

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Tumblr post that explains The Game

Tumblr Enlightens Youth on “The Game” You Just Lost

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fun games risk honest life jokes childhood battleship nostalgia monopoly parody mouse trap - 7493125

14 Honest Game Titles That Cut to the Heart of Childhood

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nostalgia that will amaze you

16 Things From The 90s That Will Blast You Into The Nostalgia Zone

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familiar sounds you don't forget

16 Sounds People Will Never Forget

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games beer garage sale gamecube nintendo 64 dumb video games joke funny money nintendo - 6923525

Guy's Impossible Garage Sale Find is One For The Books

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people share unfair things that have happened to them

15 People Share Regretfully Unfair Things That Happened To Them

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bootleg games Pokémon FAIL toys off brand McDonald's strange SpongeBob SquarePants foreign products cartoons knock offs food Spider-Man funny - 6446597

31 Off-Brand Knock-Offs That We Totally Want Now

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Living Destroyer of Worlds Pulls Off The Most Insane Jenga Move I’ve Ever Seen

win video man pulls off incredible jenga move
Via Caters Clips

That's a Morbid Victory

humor games Death morbid - 8803086336
Via Drumsb4huns
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