Guy steals from his roommates, skips town, and then loan sharks hunt him down | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/ack1308 7d Loan Sharked This is story someone used know posted r/StoriesAboutKevin so call him Kevin. first He needed place stay, and my mate needed someone help pay rent, so he moved Apart few minor dietary habits, such as walking around house drinking chocolate milk 2L bottle and not putting back fridge as sour smell slowly grows seemed be fine.

Guy Steals From Roommates, Skips Town, Loan Sharks Intervene

Kevin didn't have a happy holiday.
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Casino dealer takes revenge on a jerk gambler who was cheating on his wife.

Casino Dealer Takes Revenge On Jerk Gambler

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Casino workers tell stories of sad crazy and wtf moments from gamblers.

Casino Workers Share The Saddest Moments They've Witnessed

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jake paul and ricegum

Jake Paul And RiceGum Get Torn Up On Twitter For Promoting Online Gambling To Kids

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Sad frustrating twitter relatable emotional gambling money the feels - 5540357

16 Humiliated People Share Their Most Painful Stories Of Losing Bets

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When You're on a Hot Streak at the Slots and You Have to Take a #2, What Do You Do?

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The Right Woman Can Make You a Millionaire

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Yep, Someone's Not Getting it Alright

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Double or Nothing?

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What Am I Doing With My Life?

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A True Balla'

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A Little Gambler's Starter Kit

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You Lost

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Jim Morrison Knew a Thing or Two About That Too

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Nevada Has Its Priorities FAIL

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"Sir, Step Out of the Car"

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