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People share their craziest bridezilla moments on Askreddit.

45 People Share Their Craziest Bridezilla Moments

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Guy ends up falling in the middle of a wedding ceremony, in a very awkward video.

Guy Becomes Internet Sensation After Falling On His Face At Wedding

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Horse hilariously steals the show by smiling in a bride's funny wedding photo.

Horse Gloriously Trumps Bride By Smiling In Hilarious Wedding Photo

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Insane Wedding FAILs That Are Hilariously Awful

25 Insane Wedding FAILs That Are Hilariously Awful

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Sickening Bowels

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T. Rex Engagement Photos Just Rewrote the Book and Set a New Game for Wedding Goals Proving Love Isn't Extinct

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This Flower Girl Does the Most Natural Thing About Wedding Ceremonies Being Too Damn Long

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This Guy Married His Best Friend In the Hospital After Doctors Gave Him One Week to Live

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A Wedding in Russia Spirals Into a Full on Brawl When the Bride Flips off Her In-Laws

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But Let's Talk About The Sash

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Every Kiss Begins With Kale

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They Really Should Have Thought That Engagement Announcement Through

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I Take You To Be My Lawfully Delicious Burrito

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The Signs Of the Time Are Changing

gay rights marriage same sex cake toppers
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Sometimes You Know He Just Kneeds It

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James Bond Gets Married

wedding photos image James Bond Gets Married
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