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funny video of amazon driver chased by chickens on a farm

Amazon Driver Meets Farm's Guinea Hens

Dude straight up booked it.
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cracked video about the phenomena of finding porn magazines in the woods | buy a stack of playboys wander the woods and forests of this great country drop them for children to find

The Secret Rite Of Passage Only Known To People Born Before 1990

What a ride.
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hard boiled egg peeling cooking hack

Hard Boiled Egg Peeling Method Actually Works

This could change the game.
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tow truck driver crashes into every car on street

Tow Truck Driver Smashes Into Every Car on the Street

That's what not giving a rip looks like.
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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Which of these US. Presidents appeared on the television series Laugh In? Lyndon Johnson Jimmy Carter Richard Nixon Gerald Ford

John Carpenter Wins "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", Calls Dad, Feels Ensue

He was the show's first winner!
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teenager calls into a radio show

15-Year-Old Calls Into Radio Station, Hilarity Ensues

Kevin's playing all the games.
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the simpsons iconic moment bart fails a test

Bart Simpson Fails His Test

Painfully relatable.
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Petty woman paints fence in news story

Woman's Fence Dispute is Amazingly Petty

That's called committing to the bit.
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video of revenge against person littering instant karma

Man Dumps Trash At Gas Station, Petty Revenge Ensues

Got hiiiim.
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Funny video of an old couple trying to make it down the escalator but unable to get anywhere because it is going the wrong direction.

Old Oblivious Couple Stages Heroic Effort to Walk Down Escalator Going UP

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