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'I logged back into her account...': Dude devises ridiculously petty revenge, involves trolling ex's Netflix account

It's all Netflix and no chill over here. In a hilarious act of petty revenge, this dude decided to troll his ex's Netflix account in order to mildly inconvenience her life and exact a little revenge on her for cheating on him all those years ago. That might just be the most surprising thing about this post, it's not as if they broke up yesterday; the user writes that she dumped him “A few years back,” which means he has been holding onto this desire to get even for some time. We've probably all…
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Charging me for something extra that never existed? Fine, I'll pretend like it did | I was using a storage company to keep my stuff over the summer, and they already fudged up the first part of the delivery so I wasn't having high hopes for the time when I was supposed to get my stuff back.

Storage Facility Obstinately Charges Guy for Non-existent Box, so Guy Demands It Back

When facing an irrational opponent, it's impossible to beat them with rational thought —You need to meet them on the groundless battlefields of baseless reasoning. Anyone who has met an obstinately incorrect opponent has probably learned this lesson — there is no winning, so you must lose together. That's exactly what this Reddit user, u/pappagall0, faced when they became lodged in debate with a storage company over the existence of a mysterious eighth box that the storage company insisted on c…
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AskReddit | Delivery drivers of Reddit, what have you experienced on a delivery that you will never forget?

'There was now a man sitting in the driver's seat': 13 Delivery Drivers Share Their Most Insane and Memorable Stories

Being a delivery driver is not an easy job. Sure, even hearing the phrase ‘pizza delivery guy’ paints a pretty clear picture in your mind of the stereotypical driver but that's all it is, a stereotype. In reality, delivery drivers are often tasked with excessively large volumes and clients to deliver to so there's often little margin for error or for anything to go sideways. But when your job consists of being on the move constantly driving through traffic in order to interact with completely r…
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dumb coworker stories

People Share The Dumbest Mistakes They've Seen Incompetent Coworkers Make

Call a meeting.
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funny stupid reasons people took their pet to the vet

Twitter Users Share Stupid Reasons They Took Their Pet to the Vet

It could be anything.
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people who became the person they hated

People Who Became The Very Thing They Swore To Destroy

Oh god.
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new rules people were responsible for

33 People Share Times They Were Responsible For New Rules

Good work.
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funny and bad April fools pranks

April Fools Pranks That Didn't Go Over So Well

"Take that, me"
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funny stories of stupid questions people were asked

People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

There are in fact, dumb questions.
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stories of the worst food people tasted | stephacharlotte 1.6k points 5 days ago Hot dog soup. My dad rehab/assisted living facility. He had both and my sister taste were all super grossed out def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs base.

The Worst Foods People Have Eaten

Sometimes it's worth a shot.
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Tumblr thread story of college kid who drank too much caffeine | korrakun: my favorite college experience is had 7am class and kid next literally poured monster energy drink into his coffee said going die" and drank whole thing knew guy who brewed his instant coffee with monster instead water. three cups two hours think he ascended astral realm survivability human race never ceases amaze TABI ANECDOTE

Tumblr Thread: Super Coffee Is Not A Great Idea

"If caffeine makes me awake, more caffeine will make me the most awake. Right"
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stories of the stupidest dogs people met | airroe 17 hours ago work with dogs professionally however dumbest dog ever met my friend's roommates dog college. Harvey. He absolute sweetest pup, but he so dumb he only had room one emotion at time and only had 2 emotions total: happy and sad cat hissed at him; sad. People came inside; happy. Someone yelled; sad. Someone said his name; happy. People not giving attention; sad. Remembered he had toy; happy. But dumbest thing this dog ever did knock

The Dumbest Dogs People Met

Can you blame 'em?
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funny stories of worst foods people have eaten

People Share The Worst Foods They've Ever Eaten

Taste is subjective, kind of.
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People keep parking in bus zone so bus keeps going. | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/crazygrof left 40 guys standing rain after 12 hr shift. oc S Up until fairly recently worked as camp bus driver major industrial area my duties where pick people up camp (where they lived certain amount time two weeks one week out) and take them into plant and drop them off at variety dropoff areas (depending on their job then pick up anyone returning camp their rest period.

Bus Driver Strategically Gets Rid of Bus Zone Parkers

That's one way to force some change.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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employee arrives to work late, good boss uses the opportunity to fire and rehire them at higher wage

Employee Arrives Late, Cool Boss Pulls Fire/Hire Switcheroo

Now that's a great boss.
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