funny stories

funny stories about the strangest colors people had to match at paint stores

The Weirdest Colors Paint Store Employees Had To Match

When someone walks in and wants a can of "leg."
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man can't move company truck without angering boss, lets it get damaged in hail

Dude Reprimanded For Moving Company Truck, Leaves It In Hail Storm

Hey, that's what they wanted.
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wtf things people did on a dare

Dares That May Have Gone A Little Too Far

"But don't you want to be cool?"
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funny farting moments

People's Most Champion Farting Moments

The Barons of Beef. The Furors of Flatulence.
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stories of obnoxious American tourists

Obnoxious and Awkward Things Done By American Tourists

Yeah, sorry about that.
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funny legendary school stories

Wild Things Students Did To Make Themselves Legends

Keep in mind, being a memorable high schooler isn't necessarily a good thing.
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teen driver told they can't go anywhere without permission, so he forces parents hand

Teen Driver Forces Parents Hand On Stupid Rule, Actually Wins

Reasonability wins out.
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Client demands to have all spam sent to his email | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by TheNerdyMupton want every email addressed arrive at inbox got pal. Just happened, my bosses and are still laughing are small company manage quite few clients

Client Demands Unblocked Spam Filter, Regrets His Decision

Some people don't listen.
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employee arrives to work late, good boss uses the opportunity to fire and rehire them at higher wage

Employee Arrives Late, Cool Boss Pulls Fire/Hire Switcheroo

Now that's a great boss.
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sounds deaf people were surprised to hear

Sounds Formerly Deaf People Were Surprised To Hear

The sounds of the world aren't straight forward.
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mistaken funny stories morons lol dumb idiots stories funny stupid - 14212101

People Who Proved They Weren't The Dumb One

Sometimes there's justice.
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Guy illegal parks in handicap space, gets blocked in and misses a job interview | Posted by nunya__bidness idiot and handicapped parking spot attending school (adult education career training) one my classmates Bob had an artificial leg. Other than walking with limp and not being able stand long periods wouldn't really notice.

Guy Teaches A Lesson To Handicap Spot Hog

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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stuff people did before it got popular

Things People Did Before They Were Cool

How times change.
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parents stories of looking away for a second as their kid does something bad

Parents and Their "I Just Looked Away For a Second" Moments

Aaaand they're gone.
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lazy Karen manager story

Lazy Manager Karen Lets Everything Fall To Pieces

Ah, justice.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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