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'The reason he's called the Rock is because he has the acting range of one': 20 Funny Letterboxd Reviews

'The reason he's called the Rock is because he has the acting range of one': 20+ Funny Letterboxd Reviews

Movie fans can be absolutely savage in their reviews.
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'Does not even turn on': Confused buyer leaves 1-star review for a fake phone because it doesn't work

If you buy something that's specific purpose is to look like something else but not actually work, you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't work. That's literally what it's for. I don't know what you'd actually want to buy one of these for—unless you were a retailer looking for a risk-free display dummy. Maybe as a prop for a film or stage set? Anyways—the point is that leaving this product a 1-star review for not working is mind-boggling. You should be leaving it a 1-star review if you were…
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Karen leaves business 1-star review because someone was rude to her child adjacent to it

Imagine you're a business owner who has just opened up their doors. You operate out of a storefront in a small neighborhood center that provides outdoor maintenance and cleaning. Along comes a Karen with her flock of children; they're out of control, making a fuss and a scene. The maintenance guy is out front cleaning the sidewalk. They're repeatedly getting in the maintenance guy's way, pestering him with all types of questions, and he quickly has just about had enough. He lets it fly at Karen…
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'I would like to get my refund': Absolute Karen gets roasted by business owner after leaving 1-star review for SNORKELING tour because they couldn't swim

I'm all for adaptive experiences for people with disabilities… but when your only disability is that you're an absolute moron, it's kind of hard to accommodate you. Enter: This guy. The guy who didn't know that he'd need to know how to swim in order to partake in a snorkeling tour. The most hilarious part of this entire thing is that he specifically addresses the fact that he was annoyed the guide wouldn't “aid” him—what did he think the guide was going to do? Operate his arms and legs for him?…
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Karen Can't Spell, Writes Wild 1-Star Amazon Review For Birthday Balloons

The internet is a wonderful creation that has opened all kinds of doors and avenues for the advancement of the human race. It allows us to collaborate, push new ideas, and make our voices heard in a way that was never before possible.
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