His Breath Will Smell When He Wakes

fries drunk funny passed out wtf after 12 - 7913220608
By Unknown

The Only Vending Machine in the World That Gives You Tasty Fries

fries vending machine food funny - 7757942784
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Worst Fast Food Uniform, Ever

french fries fries fast food poorly dressed g rated - 7753631232
By Unknown

Bacon Fries, Because You've Made too Many Healthy Decisions Lately

fries food bacon g rated win - 7466916096
By Unknown

Potato Waffles

chick fil-a fries potatoes - 7310244096

"Why Do I Hafta Be Fries?"

hamburgers fries shirts - 7153882880
By Unknown

What? Adults Aren't Allowed to Be Happy?

McDonald's fries - 6704751104
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Failbook: McColonel Pounders With Cheese

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By Unknown

Truth in Marketing WIN

clever fast food fries troofax true facts - 6311499008
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Frise FAIL

fries McDonald's misspelling sign - 6286694400
By Unknown

Want Fries With That?

burger king drunk fries the king vodka - 6130860800
By ducktapeman55

What Did These Five Guys Look Like?

dad fries - 5912577280
By Unknown

Midnight BK Runs Aren't A Good Idea

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failboat fight food fries g rated - 4275528192
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