Single Life Problems

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We All Have That One Friend...

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Tinder Game of Thrones Troll

Bro on Tinder Carefully Uses Game of Thrones to Troll Chick Interested in His Friend

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Details, Plz

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15 Years Later

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This Boy and His Dog Both Have Dwarfism and Could Not Be Happier to Have Found Each Other

boy and dog both have dwarfism so happy to find eachother
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Wine Not Have Kids?

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mom says friend should be more like you
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Guy Messages Friends as He Sabotages Terrible Date Who Refuses to Put Her Phone Down

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When Your Friends Find See That You've Sent Someone in the Group a Dick Pick, They're Gonna Take the Piss Out of You For it

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When You've Been Friendzoned Your Entire Life

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Things Get Awkward When a Facebook Account Is Compromised and One "Friend" Tries Asking His Friend's Crush out

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Introducing the New Way for Couples to Make Parent Friends

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Because It Was Your Idea in the First Place

friend asks parents if you can sleep over
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The 5 Stages of Feels When Invited to a Friend's Destination Wedding

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You Da Man, Kyle

kyle comes in clutch with milk for cereal
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