Man lies to his wife's parents about being able to speak french, and gets invited to Paris | r/tifu Join u/SullivanFilm 14h 1 3 TIFU by falsely claiming speak fluent french my wife's parents 6 years ago and now going Paris together M This fuck up started 6 years ago met my wife's parents first time. Thought had been determined make great first impression, ma and pa weren't thrilled about their country girl being stolen away them by city boy.

Man Lies To Wife's Parents About Speaking French, Gets Invited To Paris

Time to learn some French, my dude.
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Parisians Try To Pronounce Words In English

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Guy's Lie Spirals Into 10 Months of Pretending to be French

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French People Fail Miserably To Pronounce Words In English

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29 Times Bookstore Workers Put Themselves in Their Work

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Entitled Mom Looking for Cheap Tutor Doesn't Understand You Can Know More than Two Languages

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Sounds Just Like French!

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Rub a Dub Dub, Three Cops in a tub

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Monique Might Be the First Pet Chicken to Sail Around the World

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Colbert Gets Marion Cotillard to Turn Boring English Phrases into Elegant French Phrases

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Trick Question: Answer E Is Québécois

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Socks For the Resident Francophile

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Multilingual Puns are the Best

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What It's Like to Learn Other Languages

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French Classes Are Really Thorough

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What a Generous Offer

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