Woman gets ex neighbor's car towed because they keep parking in her spot. | AITA having my ex neighbors car towed because they kept parking my spot 21F) live right on edge my cities downtown. Parking is scarce, or should say, FREE parking is scarce lived an old house converted into 8 apartment units, and had its own mini parking lot with 8 spots tenants had neighbor (F) who got job working nights few blocks away our apartment which worked out great because she could just walk work and didn't

Woman's Ex Neighbor Keeps Parking In Her Spot, Gets Their Car Towed

The parking drama never ends.
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Wife yells at her husband because he keeps eating her food.

Wife Yells At Husband For Eating Her Food

Some trouble in paradise.
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An irate customer forgets where she parked a rental car, and then sweet justice ensues.

Customer "Forgets" Where They Parked Car, Sweet Justice Ensues

She was really on one.
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Husband eats his kid's candy, and then his wife blows up at him.

Husband Eats Kid's Candy, Wife Blows Up At Husband

Not cool at all, dad.
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Choosing beggar stages a meltdown over not being able to haggle down price of blanket.

Relentless Choosing Beggar Haggles Over Blanket

My dude, it's not going to work out.
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Entitled influencer freaks out after not being offered free pizza.

Entitled Influencer Leaves 1-Star Review After Being Rejected Free Pizza

Carry on your way then.
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Woman blocks sidewalk with her car and then asks the neighbors to call the cops. | Woman blocks her sidewalk with car, asks us call police. M My neighbor blocked sidewalk with her car during last two snowstorms. This meant (1) so she claims, she didn't have shovel path her car her house and instead able step directly on her shoveled sidewalk (which she pays someone shovel) and could then walk her front door and (2) she didn't need shovel sidewalk her car blocked

Woman Blocks Sidewalk With Car, Asks Neighbors To Call Police

Alrighty then.
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IT dude's coworker refuses to take the printer advice she's given, fire ensues. | r/talesfromtechsupport u/TheClawsThatCatch 3y must be pri Zen and art starting fire lunchroom Long man sits at desk front man's desk is window. Through window he sees woodpecker tapping on windowsill. Tap, tap, tap sound is not entirely unpleasant and he savors its rhythm as scent fresh coffee wafts up cup on desk. He is at peace.

Coworker Disregards IT Guy's Advice, Fiery Mess Ensues

Yep, definitely must be the printer.
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Customer won't leave without their Wii, and then a security guard shows them otherwise. | r/TalesFromRetail Join u/Presspanda 3y not leaving here without Wii Yes are. Long r/ALL 's been over decade sinceI worked retail but reading this sub lately has brought back so many memories and thought would start share worked store selling dvds, cds, games, vinyl and bunch other entertainment related stuff. This story took place day after launch Nintendo Wii. Our store had guaranteed if had pre-ordered

Customer Won't Leave Without Wii, Security Guard Says Otherwise

Peace, my dude.
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Karen has a complete meltdown over an Air Pods gift. | have HUGE PROBLEM! Umm hello? Emergency over here need attention extremely upset. lis Hey sorry on call, couldn't get phone is everything okay?

Karen Has Complete Freakout Over Air Pods Gift

Air Pods Pro and nothing less for Karen.
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Streamer gets answer wrong for the question In the United States. What is considered the Sixth day Of the week?

Streamer Asked What 6th Day Of The Week Is, Gets It Wrong, Melts Down

Dude, take a minute.
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cooking fail chef has breakdown freakout over food gravy

Chef Loses Mind Over Bad Gravy

Good gravy, he lost it.
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Kid on scooter screams as a bird chases him

Kid on Scooter Getting Chased By a Bird

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Video of a woman screaming in car because she is hungry.

Hangry Woman Demands Wings

Might wanna turn that sound down a little.
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Choosing beggar pesters an artist, so they respond with a hilariously terrible drawing | needs be drawn U can draw and my wife free not paying u since u arent registered don't draw free But u can draw practice If ever want practice and have no inspiration will message

Impatient Choosing Beggar Pesters Artist, Artist Handles It

Played it beautifully.
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Entitled woman working for charity can't comprehend how 10% works | Amber Yesterday View details Hi there replaced Nicole at can't find keys lock on change drawer any our machines. e and Abs Amber Yesterday View details Hi Amber Keys are with as my guys are ones who empty change and tally every fortnight.

Entitled Karen Is A Treasurer, Can't Comprehend Basic Math

It blows the mind.
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