Viral TikToker admits he lies in his videos, but people still believe him.

"My Journey to Becoming a Pathological Liar": Viral TikToker Straight Up Admits He Lies In Every Video, Yet Still Has Viewers Thinking He's Telling the Truth

“I thought I'd start a series where I'd just lie and say the most insane things that surely no one would believe…”
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psychic cringe fails the best of james randi frauds

James Randi Exposing Psychic Frauds

Bowl Cut never stood a chance.
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funny fitness prank on morning news show

Fitness Frauds Sued For Pranking Morning News

The irony is unreal.
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Tenant gets out of bad deal with landlord | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/feeshta 20 hours ago Dealt with Lying Landlord by Threatening Run Up Their Bills had landlord past who slipped 90 day notice requirement into rental contract after had signed house hunting, so at end my lease asked go month month lease make easier leave time came

Tenant Escapes Fraudulent Deal with Thieving Landlord

They used what they had.
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Various loopholes that people are currently exploiting.

Loopholes That Sneaky People Are Currently Exploiting

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scammer wtf computers interesting crime fraud exposed scam theft Video - 97070593

Dude Gets Insider Perspective on Scam Call Center

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scammer gets trolled

Incompetent Scammer Gets Exposed and Trolled into the Dirt by Funny Dude

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FAIL fraud texting funny stupid - 7495941

Scottish Trickster Outs Himself In Gloriously Idiotic Fashion

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liars on the internet who got called out

13 Dishonest Liars Who Were Flattened by the Truth

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best lies people told

10 People Share the Most Beneficial Lies They've Ever Told

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Does Anybody Want to Help on This Extra-Legal Totally-Not-Fraudulent Thing?

bad idea cars fraud - 8091999232
By Dan
likes facebook fraud Video - 58382593

Corporate Facebook "Likes" Are Way More Problematic Than We Ever Imagined

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It Takes Guts to Try This Prank, and an Idiot to Accept it

facepalm fraud coupon - 7970340864
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fraud phony Video - 48592641

So Much For This "Unshakable" Mug

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news ipad fraud scam Video - 44385025

Try Before You Buy FAIL

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Brilliant Scheme FAIL

news disguise fraud - 6705765888
Via Metro
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