Golf ball suspended in mid-air by fountain before putt-putt golfer hits hole in one

The Reigning Champion of Putt-Putt Golf Shots

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fountain turns on and sprays all over market tent

Floor-Fountain Activates During Outdoor Market

Timing is everything.
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Mean stepmother wedding reception ruined by chocolate skidmark | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/katep2000 8 hours ago Ruining wedding reception fun and profit 13, so eight years ago, my dad remarried, after divorcing my mom 4 years before. Before divorce, his fiancée had been his mistress. My mom is completely better off without him, and ignoring fact wouldn't exist don't think she should have married him first place. Even if think my parents weren't good match s no excuse cheat on wife.

Evil Stepmother's Wedding Dress Ruined with Chocolate Skid Mark

The dangers of having a chocolate fountain...
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peta gif FAIL gifs surfing octopus soccer fail gif basketball fountain Cats - 4731909

10 Fail GIFs to Get You Through Wednesday

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My Fountainhead is Leaking, if You Catch My Drift

photography dude parts fountain perspective - 7440112896
By Unknown

Behold the Most Elegant Cooler

beer awesome fountain funny - 8258520576
Via Remimosand

Let the Water Flow and Let's Hear Some Tunes!

design fountain - 8203799040
Via Acid Cow

Behold the Beer Fountain

beer fountain funny after 12 g rated - 8208487424
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Just a Few More Elements And This Fountain Can Summon Captain Planet

design gifs fountain - 8123307520
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Work the Fountain Gently

dude parts exactly what it looks like fountain not what it looks like - 7889282048
By Unknown

That's One an Impressive Wish

fountain funny - 7825189888
By Unknown

Infinite Water!

art design fountain - 7800750848
By anselmbe

It's Not Quite for Getting Stoned, But Close Enough!

stones whiskey awesome fountain - 6431505664
Via The World's Best Ever

Fountain WIN

design fountain funny illusion - 7672880640
By Unknown

It's Technically a Drinking Fountain...

puke drinking sign fountain funny - 6440703488
By Unknown

The “Fuente del Barco de Agua” in Valencia, Spain

design fountain funny - 7490709248
Via Laughing Squid
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