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Double Forklift Maneuver Doesn't Go As Planned

Phenomenal idea.
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wtf safety failures that OSHA wouldn't like | giant truck flipped on its back | person standing in a barrel hanging from a crane

Safety Failures That Would Have Osha Filling Its Pants

That doesn't go that way.
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Guy fails to move boat correctly, forklift rolls back into boat.

Forklift Boat Mishap Is Ballet of Failure

It helps to have working brakes.
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Farmer fails at forklifting, tips pallets of stuff in a domino effect.

Farmer Tips Every Single Pallet

Sometimes it's just not your day.
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Video of forklifts unloading a train, failing and tipping the car over.

Forklift Unloading Fail Results In Derailed Train

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safety failures

29 Safety Failures That Would Give OSHA Nightmares

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20 Spooky Signs That Are Scarier than They Have the Right to Be

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17 Safety Fails That Are Screaming for OSHA

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His Fear of Cable TV Negates His Fear of Heights

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How You Know It's Going to Be One of Those Days...

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This is NOT Authorized Use of the Forklift

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It Really Sneaks Up on You

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Always Double Check

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You Really Can Use Pallets For Everything

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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So What Are We Moving Around Today?

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