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Some People Have a Fear of Flying. Then There's This Guy.

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"Passenger Shaming" Shows Us That Airline Travel Really Brings Out the Worst in All of Us

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What Smells Like Cheese on This Flight?

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You'll Need a Change of Underwear After This One

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Is This Pilot Trying to Use a Plane as a Lawnmower?

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Wing Suits Over the Big Apple

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Incredible Landing of the Day: This Pilot Lands His Jet on a Stool When His Landing Gear Fails

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A Letter Goes a Long Way of the Day: Man Sues Airline for Sending Him to Grenada Instead of Granada

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They Say One in Seven People are Showoffs...

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Anybody Can Fly With This Dune Buggy

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This is What it Looks Like to be One of the Best Pilots in the World. SPOILER: It Looks Like "Top Gun"

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Watch This Hilarious Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Do Her Thing

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The Window Seat Has its Advantages

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Re-Target Those Targeted Ads, Please

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This Totally Insane Pilot Flies Through the Channel in Corinth

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Something Tells Me They Won't Want to Take Up That Offer

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