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Florida Hosts the Pole Fitness Championships

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Facebook Speaks When Others Can't

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Jurassic Park is in Florida, if This Huge Roaming Gator is Any Indication


Meet the Criminal Who Had the Honesty to Put Down "Drug Dealer" as His Occupation

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Guess What This Guy Was Arrested for in Florida?

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This Quadruple Amputee is Armed, Dangerous, and On the Run From the Law

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Meet Captain Hornblaster, The Star of Election Day in Florida

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Refused to Participate in a Debate Because His Opponent Wanted a Small Fan Underneath His Podium to Cool Him Off

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All Hail Cronut Dollhouse Carburetor McCoy

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Florida Education at Work

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This Kid Just Beat the Living Tar Out of a Hungry Alligator

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Come for Disney World, Stay for the Shattering of Your Faith in People

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A Road Sign in Florida Gets Hacked and Displays an Obscene Message

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A Florida Man Known as "Fat Boy" Hides His Drug Stash in Exactly the Place a Guy Called "Fat Boy" Would

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Just Look at the Name of This Florida Convict and Tell Yourself Florida Isn't the Best/Worst

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When an Alligator Gets Up in Your Party Pool, You Know You're in Florida

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