Way to Come on Strong, Chief

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Via Brown Cardigan

They're Hitting it Off Well

wtf flirting Death funny - 8201847808
Via Adam M

Life is Like a Booty Call

that escalated quickly flirting booty call texting - 8168814080
Created by randyc

Well That Just Seems Cruel

flirting funny pub waitress after 12 g rated - 8101245440
Created by JoeO

He's Cute, but Not Very Bright

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Created by Unknown

The Last Way You Want to Flirt With Someone on Facebook

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funny valentines day card

Make Valentine's Day a Little More Weird This Year With These Cards

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The Body of His Dreams is Everyone Else's Fever Dream

do you even lift bros flirting - 8015821568
Created by Unknown

Use These Emoji Flirts With Your SO and See How Quickly You Get Dumped

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Created by Unknown

Lay Those Differentials Down by the Fire

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Sometimes They're Just Not in the Mood

gif flirting SpongeBob SquarePants boyfriends dating - 8004336384
Created by Unknown

Going to Floor HURK

elevator flirting socially awkward penguin - 7994538752
Via Reddit

Toblerone, the Sexiest of all Candy Bars

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Created by Unknown

Flexible, Prehensile, and Not Getting Anywhere Close

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Via Swedish Girl Seeking
flirting cringe Awkward Video - 57118977

James May of "Top Gear" in His Most Awkward Moment of Flirtation

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A Musical Wooing Serenade Gone Very Wrong

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