wtf crutches acrobatics weird flip win - 107689985

Dude Employs Crutches To Gracefully Scale Fence

Now that's grace.
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snowboarding jump video snowboarders do cool tricks in a new event.

The X Games "Knuckle Huck" Event is Flippin' Sweet

It lets snowboarders get a little more creative.
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ramp FAIL jump race accident crash supercut dangerous flip - 428038

SoapBox Derby Ramp Set Too High, Results Are Absolutely Bananas

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racing stuck cars teamwork crash flip win - 371974

Teamwork Win! Racing Fans Lift Car Back On the Road

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There's No Way That Wasn't Intentional

Via mcm743

Nobody Needs All Their Bones Anyway

Via WhistlePigger
water bottle robots Video flip win - 83859201

The Real Water Bottle Flip Challenge is in Building a Robot to Do It

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irish parenting Video flip win - 293127

Nothing Cooler Than Having a Grandma That Can Out Do Your Own Trick Shot

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Should've Read The Sign FAIL

cars crash flip sign upside down - 5417790720
By K.Cuyler

A Perfect Flip, Flip, Slip Right Through

Via AaronFireMan

The McFlip FAIL

Via WhoIsRosaLuxemburg

The Dismounts Are Always the Trickiest

Via AdzD

The Kind of Worst Table Flip

funny fail gif The Kind of Worst Table Flip
Via ravias20

Ninja Dog or Resilient Fence?

Via DawgyDogs

Almost Landed It

Via 1InvictuS1

Nailed the Landing (and Not His Face)

Via 1InvictuS1
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