This Soccer Club Had the Perfect One-Touch Homophobic Shut-Down of 2016

funny facebook image soccer club shuts down homophobe with one-word response
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American Patriotism Everyone

funny fail image Cleveland Police report protestor lit american flag and self on fire
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Bound And Gagged

flag guitar passed out sign tape - 4481839872
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I Hear Jefferson Davis Was a Huge Fan of Bigg Dawgz

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A Few Flags, That's the Important Thing to Remember Here

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Salute the Beer Flag

that's a flag to salute
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American Flag: Do the Math

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Flag Apparel Isn't Limited to the USA

patriotism poorly dressed union jack flag - 8426835712
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Fact: Japan is 100% Japan

flag Japan Fun Fact g rated win - 8334257920
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Freedom Pong

awesome beer pong flag funny - 8278766592
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This is What Everyone Wears, Right?

poorly dressed London conan obrien suit flag - 8274981888
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The Prom Queen of Not-America? What the Heck is This?

flag facepalm facebook games - 8248158720
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Good Old Kentucky

Close Enough flag poorly dressed - 8153846528
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The Braves Had Some Pyrotechnic Malfunctions, but in an Amazingly Patriotic Way

baseball america flag fireworks whoops fail nation g rated - 8140770048
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There's Nothing Better Than Racists Being Bad at Being Racist

St Patrick's Day Ireland flag - 8111756800
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Drink the Power of America

beer wtf flag funny - 7870224384
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