woman freaks out at a store

Entitled Woman Threatens Media Exposure If She Can't Get Secondhand Desk Fixed for Free

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life hacks and tricks that work

18 Tricks That People Were Flabbergasted Actually Worked

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Anything, Eh?

FAIL fix repair - 3843318016
Created by Unknown

Those Planks Better be Up to Code

fix cars driving dangerous - 7623408896
Created by Unknown

Dropping in on the Neighbors FAIL

ouch roof repairs fix - 7042474752
Created by Unknown

Pretty Sure You Just Need Some New Drivers

fix technology computer laptop - 6956672000
Created by Unknown

Home Security FAIL

fix lock security there I fixed it - 6536372736
Created by jantoreg

Mystery Destination FAIL

elevator fix - 6552163840
Created by Unknown

Well There's Your Problem FAIL

car cars engine fix snake - 6532989952
Created by Unknown

Holding Your TP WIN

bathroom batman fix nerdgasm toilet paper - 6508715520
Via Obvious Winner
car DIY driving fix parenting Video - 40516865

WIN!: Supercharged Toy Car WIN

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Restoring a Classic WIN

DIY fix - 6482155520
Via Reddit

Silly Request WIN

doorbell fix repair sign - 6460266496
Created by Unknown

Why Not Both WIN

car design DIY fix motorcycle repair - 6360756992
Via Reddit

Spray-racha WIN

fix hot sauce mind blown sriracha - 6284259328
Created by Unknown

Memebase: Fix Anything, Like a Sir

duck duct tape fix sir - 6153645056
Created by tylerldavies
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