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'I got fired over [false] TikTok allegations': Unfair termination of young night shift nurse sparks others to share their stories of unjustly being let go

The job market is not so easy these days. Long gone are the times when you could just march into some big boss' office with optimism and a hard work ethic and land a job. Wouldn't it be nice If that were still a thing? Unfortunately, it has gotten a lot more complicated and competitive. Now, you need experience in order to get the experience and be willing to work deathly shifts. Take, for instance, this young nurs e. Only 23 years old, she has been working the night shift at a youth psych hosp…
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‘Uno reverse card played’: New woodwork shop president fires employee for discovering insider theft, employee then tricks company out of $11,000 and wins $400

Want to have a good laugh about a shady company getting its comeuppance? Then, boy, did we find the story for you! There's no laugh quite as hearty as one you have reading about a nefarious upper management getting what they deserve. This upper management team started going downhill when a new president was hired . A members-funded woodwork shop in Australia had a very expensive piece of machinery that nobody knew how to use. A couple of employees took it upon themselves to learn and fix up thi…
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'Out of spite... I decided to take a leave for a whole month': Manager in training told for 6 months she would not be hired, HR steps in with a sweet deal

Welcome to the confusing world of job searching. If you have never been here before, better buckle up, buddy. Even if you're hired to get trained doesn't always guarantee that you're going to be brought on full-time. Or does it? I guess this is where you have to read the fine print. One Redditor said she was brought on to a company as a manager in training (MIT) with nothing in writing stating she would be hired afterwards. However, things were going swimmingly, her coworkers seemed to like her…
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'They proceeded to fire me': Server cards belligerent underaged kid in her section and kicks him out, is fired after he leaves 1-star review

You know that stereotype of restaurant owners being grimy and shady? Well, unfortunately, it's not unwarranted. More often than not restaurant owners will toy with their employees' lives just to save face. That might mean getting fired for no just reason because someone left an entitled 1-star review. That is where this Reddit story goes. This server covered a shift for a coworker in mourning. When she got there, her section already had a belligerent guy who obviously had way too much to drink.…
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‘The dude "released" me without notice’: Boss fires 3-year contractor, tries to bypass giving him unemployment by rehiring him as a 'new employee'

If you have ever been fired, then you there is an emotional and mental processing period right afterwards. You go through the stages of grief. After you come out of that, you pick yourself back up and you start over—applying for unemployment, applying to new jobs, etc. However, some shady business will try to meddle in your grieving period by unfairly removing your chances at getting unemployment. How do they expect you to eat and pay rent while you're looking for a new job? When this happens,…
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'Had he shown even the slightest remorse…': Karma comes for road rage-filled contractor when guy he runs guy off the road finds out his business license is expired and reports him

‘Had he shown even the slightest remorse…': Karma comes for roadrage-filled contractor who gets his business reported by guy he
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'I got my former supervisor fired': Employee given no reason for immediate termination uncovers a conspiracy with his ex-upper management while filing for his final paycheck

Do you have a friend who doesn't believe in Karma? Well, show them this sweet by epic Reddit story . This guy was working at a place where he never received any sort of work evaluation or detailed instructions, so he thought was was doing pretty well. And he most likely was. However, one day he got called in and was terminated started immediately. He kept asking why and his manager refused to give any reason. Confused, he packed up his stuff and left. As you do when you get fired , you collect…
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'[I] asked for a raise... Got fired:' Overworked employee asks for reasonable raise but gets terminated instead

Have you ever been fired? It never feels fair. But maybe after a few weeks, when you've cool off, it starts to feel like the right path for you anyways. However, sometimes you're getting fired and you know it's a gross injustice and it will never not be there. What can you do about that? Well, this Redditor decided to burn some bridges on his way out. But honestly, good for him. All OP did was ask for a raise, and instead he got canned. He's the only employee who has been there since he stated…
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'I feel so happy!': Hasty company proactively fires employee with 1-2 months still left on his contract, so he takes an 'extended' vacation

Have you ever worked somewhere that you hated so much that when you inevitably got fired, you were actually relieved? I have, and it's one of the best feelings in the world. After you get over the initial shock that you just got fired, it feels freeing. I'll never forget when I walked out of that office and felt the sun hit my skin and the fresh air brush through my hair—I was terrified, but I was finally free. This happened to a Redditor recently in Germany. However, he had an even better outc…
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'You don't care? You can go not care at a different spot:' Restaurant manager fires server in front of coworkers, internet actually applauds him for it

Everyone should work in the service industry at least once in their life. It really puts things into perspective. If your ego is too big, it will for sure shut that down. If you're insecure and too shy, it will bring out a more assertive you. It might be painful and even traumatizing (I worked at a pizza place in college almost a decade ago and I STILL have nightmares that I'm accidentally missing a shift…), but it helps you understand how to function in a society a little better. Actually, a l…
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'I became unemployed in 30 seconds': Customer service rep gets fired on the spot for unclear reasons, HR professionals confess 90% of firings are personality related

Have you ever been fired ? Usually, you get a little work review, whether you want it or not, and all of your failures are listed out and you're let go. If you're lucky, you'll get a severance package and can get on unemployment. But, honestly, who knows these days?! Companies just do whatever they want with zero empathy. For example, a recently fired customer service rep came to Reddit to vent about how he was fired on the spot with no obvious cause. He had been working there for a month and g…
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