fire alarm

The Delicious Smell of an Office Fire

Via Mega_Raikou

Smoke Detector Fail.

busted copy cubicle fail dangerous decoration decoy FAIL fake fire alarm lazy osha paper signs photocopy print pwned safety safety first screw you Terrifying unsafe xerox - 3567532544
Created by sleepingtiger54
Music jazz saxophone fire alarm Video band g rated win - 69779457

This Swanky Sax Player isn't Going to Let a Fire Alarm Get in the Way of a Sweet Solo

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Every Office Needs One, but Who is Brave Enough to Pull it?

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Would Anyone at Your Office Fall For This?

monday thru friday hand sanitizer fire alarm prank g rated - 8440262912
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Go Ahead, Give it a Pull

spider Kill It With Fire fire alarm oh god why fail nation g rated - 8426962432
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Nevermind, We're All Going to be on Fire

bees Kill It With Fire fire alarm g rated fail nation - 8256636160
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Now There Can't Be Any More Emergencies!

signs fire alarm there I fixed it - 7287152640
Created by Unknown

In Case of Fire, Cut Tape

masking tape fire extinguisher fire alarm - 6954023936
Created by Unknown

In Case of Fire...

in case of fire fire alarm - 6849729024
Created by zcatNZ

Just Run for the Stairs and Yell "FIRE!"

alarm emergency fire in case of fire fire alarm - 6930265344
Created by DashieSpeed

Old School Fire Prevention

fire extinguisher fire alarm bucket - 6918336256
Created by Unknown

In Case of Fire... Well...

Emergency Exit fire alarm - 6893918976
Created by Unknown

Silent Fire Alarm

alarm fire fire alarm - 6763808768
Created by DemonicZ

Emergency FAIL

fire alarm out of order emergency sign - 6640388352

My Favorite Flavors are Watermelon, Strawberry, and Probation!

fire alarm - 6560264960
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