reddit discussion 10 text based images stepsister quarrel over parents' retirement plan | thumbnail text "My stepsister approached me and our other siblings with a proposal for a retirement plan to help our parents retire since on the outside their prospects of retiring comfortably are non-existent. Essentially, she wants us to collectively contribute £3k each month starting now and for the rest of our parents' lifetime. "

Stepsister Proposes Sketchy Retirement Plan For Broke Parents, Sister Refuses To Contribute

Siblings bicker, step siblings ask for money
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A boyfriend asks his girlfriend for $5K loan from his girlfriend, she rejects the request, and he gets very upset.

Boyfriend Asks For $5K Loan From Girlfriend, Girlfriend Rejects Request, Boyfriend Gets Upset

He definitely could've handled that better.
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The ATM eats a guy's credit card, and then he won't accept the logical answer right in front of him.

Hungry ATM Eats Man's Card, Man Won't Accept The Logical Answer

Some people refuse to accept the truth.
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Viral Tumblr Post Breaks Down The Poverty Cycle In America

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twitter ramen cooking financial social media soup food money - 7659781

12 Money-Saving People Share Flavor Hacks To Up Your Ramen-Eating Game

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