reddit discussion 10 text based images stepsister quarrel over parents' retirement plan | thumbnail text "My stepsister approached me and our other siblings with a proposal for a retirement plan to help our parents retire since on the outside their prospects of retiring comfortably are non-existent. Essentially, she wants us to collectively contribute £3k each month starting now and for the rest of our parents' lifetime. "

Stepsister Proposes Sketchy Retirement Plan For Broke Parents, Sister Refuses To Contribute

Siblings bicker, step siblings ask for money
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stories of bad nut common financial decisions

Horrible But Common Financial Choices People Have Seen

Losing money is incredibly easy.
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The ATM eats a guy's credit card, and then he won't accept the logical answer right in front of him.

Hungry ATM Eats Man's Card, Man Won't Accept The Logical Answer

Some people refuse to accept the truth.
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Man's in-laws ask about his income, and he proceeds to call them gold diggers.

In-Laws Want To Know Man's Income, He Calls Them Gold Diggers

Straight up run for the hills.
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Stories of terrible financial decisions | vwh808 1.1k points 18 hours ago S 1 client who joined an MLM and racked up half million dollars worth losses before finally listening us and quitting. 2 client who spent $40k on Farmville over 3 months. 3 clients who give their adult children allowances exceed my salary, fancy cars, and houses without expecting them ever hold down job themselves.

Extremely Bad Financial Decisions Clients Made

How hard is it to keep a bunch of money?
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askreddit bad advice about marrying a cheater

21 People Share the Worst Advice They've Ever Received

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Credit Adjustment FAIL

bank credit finances g rated money refund - 4842372864
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