fiancee brags about being breadwinner but is financially unstable

Fiancée Brags About Being Breadwinner, Is Late On Rent And Only Spends Money On Herself

What a shining example of what not to do.
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White Woman Gets Hate On Tiktok For Dancing Hula At Her Wedding; Gets Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

White Woman Gets Hate On Tiktok For Dancing Hula At Her Wedding; Gets Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

You certainly cannot please everybody
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This guy asking why I sent a Venmo to his fiancé over 2 years ago. He sent me $1 just to ask me.

Insecure Chad Cringe-Lord Confronts Guy on Venmo Over Fiancée's Two-Year Old Transaction

Who even uses the chat feature on Venmo?
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wtf secret kids brother lies truth family fiancé children - 16376325

Woman "Ruins" Brother's Engagement By Telling Fiancé About His Four Secret Children

The brother has the audacity to get mad about the “private” details of his four existing kids being told to his future wife. It's pretty safe to say this guy had no intention of telling his own fiancé about his complicated family tree, so good on OP for letting it slip. The hell does this guy think he is, just Mr. Magooing his way into making all these people. It's not like you can just slip on a freshly waxed floor and accidentally get more than one woman pregnant. This guy needs locking under…
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Story of fiancé who refuses to host family

Fiancé Refuses To Host Another 20 Person Thankless Thanksgiving

Cook your own damn turkey.
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fiance demands he support her lie about meeting and house

Woman Demands That Her Fiancé Publicly Support Her Psychotic Lie About How They Met

It's okay to say you met on a dating app.
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fiancé wants to quit job and stay at home story

Fiancé Wants To Be Childless Stay-At-Home Wife, Disagreement Ensues

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Woman's fiancé gets her a Peloton bike after she asks for him to not get her one | AITA pissed got Peloton my birthday Throwaway account So realize already sound like brat. This is most expensive present have ever received my life and enjoy spin classes, but back story is is important here.

Woman's Fiancé Gets Her Peloton Bike For Birthday, Fight Ensues

She repeatedly said she didn't want it.
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Groom says that fiance can only splurge on wedding dress if he can splurge too | AITA telling my fiancé she can only buy wedding dress if get spend same amount Asshole My fiancée and are getting married October and couldn't be more excited. Currently she's unemployed because her job permanently shut down due lockdown so income comes and her unemployment make good money so don't care if she gets another job can support us. Money is little tight lately because very suddenly had buy new car haven't

Groom Says Fiancé Can Only Buy Wedding Dress If He Can Splurge Too

Dude, come on.
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cheating fiances that broke hearts

20 Times People's Cheating Fiancés Broke Their Hearts

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'E-Ink' is Code for What They Want to Make You Do Later, Don't Worry

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Keep Your Chin Up!

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What a Loser! Catching Me and All That!

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No Match for That Va-Jay-Jay!

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Yes Ma'am, Right Away

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