karen neighbor hates fence and hates it for 5 years

Karen Doesn't Like Neighbor's New Fence, Launches 5 Year Campaign Against It

Does she have anything better to do?
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A video of a man displaying his new fence to keep his dog in, then the dog jumps over the fence.

Guy Proudly Displays New Fence To Keep Dog In

It's a story in three acts.
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cow fence lol funny Video stupid animals - 98392833

Funny Escaped Cow Goes Back When Guy Yells At 'Em

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rules anarchy criminal funny law shoes dogs paint signs fence cold cars bench - 7851013

21 First World Anarchists Who Sent a Strongly Worded Message to the Man

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All This Kid Will Want For Christmas Will Be Those Front Teeth Back

Via 4gifs

Ninja Dog or Resilient Fence?

Via DawgyDogs
fence Video - 78937601

This Fence Is No Match for Stella

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Probably Time To Go Home

drunk, fence, passed out, ouch
Via Brown Cardigan

How To Tell Your Friend Isn’t A Genius

gif FAIL fence - 8510118400
Created by kacerosky ( Via Jason Starkes )

Stay Off Our Carefully Groomed Lawn

cinder block fence holding it up - 4959473152
Created by nb

A Wheel of Fence

Via dittidot

Only Way to Keep it Safe

christmas tree fence kids parenting g rated - 8392109312
Via Izismile

Something Seems Backwards Here

dogs kids fence cage parenting g rated - 8322461952
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But How Do They Come Back?

slide kids fence parenting - 8197012480
Via ronth3man

Security is at an All-Time High

security fence genius fail nation g rated - 8151044352
Via lejaybles

Take Care of the Hole? Challenge Accepted!

fence log hole funny there I fixed it - 7773713152
Created by Greg Borden
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