customer doesn't want female mechanic, waits for hours

Customer Will Not Have Female Mechanic, Waits Ages For Nonexistent Male One

If you say so, man.
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Tumblr users shows three types of annoying unrealistic female characters | Nerdy Male Director She had many masculine traits, like eating 10 hamburgers at once and wrestling Russian mercenaries while never going over 112 pounds. She learned these skills her many fathers and brothers, never male partner or friend, as may suggest she has some autonomous sexual history. No, men were all too afraid her, except who has mistaken my fem-dom fetish respect. If met her real like l'd hate her rejecting

Tumblr Thread: Three Repetitive Types of Female Characters

Where's Ripley when you need her?
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Twitter thread breaks down the madness of the hatpin panic in the 1900s | Jason Poole @JasonPoolej2 Has anyone ever heard hatpin panic early 1900's women wore giant hatpins go with their massive hats

Twitter Thread: The Insanity Of Hatpin Panic

Don't mess with hat pins.
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Tumblr thread on interesting female pharaoh history | demands-with-menace Queen Hatshepsut Ancient Egypt. She has lovely smile someone who's been dead thousands years | deux-zero-deux she wasn't queen. she pharaoh and wanted be referred as such. she even had her statues modeled after male pharaoh's statues state her dominance and authority. she actually one most successful pharaohs all ancient egyptian history and she reigned longer than any other woman power egypt. cumleak damn no wonder she

Tumblr Drops Intriguing Knowledge on Ancient Female Pharaoh

There's always something new to learn.
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AskReddit user examines the male relationship with the idea of romance | r/AskMen Posted by FitzDizzyspells Female Why don't men get as much thrill over fictional romances as women do? Men fall love too, so why don't they enjoy good love story? And if do are favorites TV, books, movies Discussion

AskReddit User Examines Male Perception Of Romance

This doesn't apply for everyone, but it's still an interesting read.
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Women ask their partners what the labels on tampons mean, and share the responses on Twitter.

Women Ask Their Partners What Labels On Tampons Mean

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sexist tweets and posts

27 Times Idiotic Misogynists Went Full Stupid On Social Media

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Male and Female Butterfly Born at Academy of Natural Sciences

Male and Female Butterfly Born at Academy of Natural Sciences
Via CNet

The Gender Gaps

gender lame fml female - 4866151424
Created by marcus_r111
baby birth science female biology - 46531329

I Know I Am!

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The Iron Lady

Chemistry female iron man tony stark - 6638262784
Created by Unknown

All You Had to Do Was Look Up Her Gender and Relationship Status

Ad batteries female relationship status single survey vibrator - 6296475648
Created by Unknown

Monday Thru Friday: A Mystery of Epic Proportionalities

doll engineers female gender girls Hall of Fame male - 6234711552

Failbook: The Real Ironman Challenge

failbook female feminism g rated iron man - 6130352640
Created by Unknown

Monday Thru Friday: Male, Female, or Canadian. MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

female g rated M thru F male - 5675345408
Created by Unknown

Original SiN

apple apple store female - 5418858752
Created by invididual
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