nostalgic images

Nostalgic Memes And Images To Conjure The Before-Times

Bring back the thick TVs.
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nice things and wholesome memes | Before and after being told she's beautiful adorable little frog sitting on the rim of a mug

Wholesome Memes Because Some Things are Still Nice

People are still decent.
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wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes To Utilize The Feels

Feels deployed.
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strange wishes make-a-wish kids made

Strange Make-A-Wish Wishes Kids Requested

"If that's what you want, okay."
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Nice wholesome memes | eating at restaurant Please Thank waiter Gordon Ramsay squeezing sauce on food

Wholesome Memes for a Shot of Niceness

Everyone needs some niceness from time to time.
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nice wholesome memes | Land cuteness @landpsychology Thunder buddies their thunder bunker. cute cat and dog hiding together in a basket

Wholesome Memes to Help Wade Through the Muck

It's nice to be reminded that some things are nice.
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Tumblr thread on dungeons and dragons campaign | thouartathaumaturgeharry O battlecrazed-axe-mage forgamers They should make co- op game where and buddy go through many levels, leveling up and beating bosses But final boss is each other were my brother Player 2 | crunchthedeerstroyer one time did campaign DND where entire party woke up trash heap, memories wiped man shining white armor approached them. He helped them up, healed them, and helped them escape essentially dump and find their way

Tumblr Thread: Inspired DND Campaign Is a Feels Trip

Critical hit in the feelings.
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A moving Tumblr thread on the power of doing good recklessly in life. | tami-taylors-hair line at Aldi and this girl with two toddlers front had her card declined and she looked so fucking sad and said "let call my husband real quick" and only 18 dollars, so just paid and she very sweet and then as she walked off lady behind said know probably scam, right and like, even if like sad fucking scam, right? 18 dollars at Aldi. If scamming some Tyson chicken and apple juice and cauliflower, then just

Tumblr Thread: The Profound Power Of Doing Good Recklessly

Just be good to one another.
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nice wholesome memes | TODD SPENCE @Todd Spence Actual photo service dogs watching Billy Elliot Musical as part their behaving theater training. My heart can't take | bro love is so strong earth rewards two men in hard hats holding heart shaped rocks

Wholesome Memes to Keep The Feels Intact

Things can still be nice.
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Wholeseom thread on opportunity rover | After 15 years Oppy flipping double bird her original 90 day life expectancy planet-spanning dust storm finally knocked her out and she stopped responding engineer's wake-up messages, they started playing music her. And after 8 months and almost 1000 unanswered wake-up messages finally clear Oppy never going wake up last thing these world-class NASA engineers did their little rover on another planet play her love song

Tumblr Thread: NASA's Care for Opportunity Rover is a Feels Expedition

Hope you're somewhere better, Oppy.
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Grieving owner gets emotional response about cat dying question | My cat died my bedroom while still sleeping, and while couldn't have done anything about feel guilty because might have heard her die do stop feeling guilty about this and move on? 86 ANSWERS Michael Duncan been trained by few. Some my best friends are cats Undated Oct 29 Author has 302 answers

Grieving Cat Owner's Question Makes Way for All These Feels

Thanks for that insight, kind stranger.
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Tumblr sci fi story about aliens afraid of humans | dalekteaservice knew about planet called Earth centuries before made contact with its indigenous species course spent decades studying them afar first researchers had fight years even get grant course. They kept getting laughed out halls T-Class Death World had not only produced sapient life, but Stage Two civilization joke, obviously had be joke. And then wasn't. And all stopped laughing. Instead got very, very nervous watched as human

Tumblr Thread: Aliens Fear of Humans Is a Galactic Feels Trip

Gotta love a good twist ending.
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Nice and happy facts | some_random_Potatos 30.2k points 2 days ago edited 2 days ago e dog/wolf movies where they use real life dog actors people who have edit all sometimes have add cgi tails because they dogs can't stop wagging their tail as they are so happy

Wholesome Facts that are Nice for a Change

Good things exist too.
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Writing prompt about lies and scars inspires good story | r/WritingPrompts LotsOfDragons live world where each lie creates scar on liar's body bigger lie deeper and larger mark. One day meet someone only has one scar is biggest one have ever seen

Writing Prompt about Lies Inspires Story With Such Feels

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Guy tells heartfelt story of voice behind a particular train station.

Heartfelt Story Behind Train Station Voice Is A Feels Trip

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Boxer is asked how he feels and he responds "I am very feel."

Ukranian Boxer Gets To The Point With How He Feels

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