wtf stories of people who had a gut instinct save them and make a situation a close call

Freaky Close Call Decisions that Saved People's Lives

Sometimes you get a feeling.
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deeply satisfying moments

People's Most Relatable And Deeply Satisfying Moments

Oh yeah that's the stuff.
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The best people have felt

The Greatest Feelings People Have Experienced

Total achievement.
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sensations and feelings that make for powerful nostalgia

Powerful Images of Sensory Nostalgia

The things you can still feel.
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Experiences that feel satisfying and good | posted by dfin25 Taking off socks after long day work and scratching where elastic band sat all day.

Non-Sex Experiences That Feel Amazing

Man, you ever get a good night's sleep?
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Boxer is asked how he feels and he responds "I am very feel."

Ukranian Boxer Gets To The Point With How He Feels

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emotions we feel but can't explain

A Quick Helpful List of Emotions We Feel but Fail to Explain

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people avoided disasters by listening to their gut

10 Creepy Times People Trusted a Gut Feeling and Avoided Disaster

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Is There Any Other Way?

feelings family guy - 7097189376
By Unknown

Ah, Takes Me Back

feelings ok cupid sexy times - 5651403520
By Unknown

This Solves Problems

drinking feelings booze - 8396786688
Via Harvey the Computer

When Your Friend Has Your Back

Sad feelings friends - 7850748928
By Brackern

Pouring Salt in the Wound

salt feelings that feel tears - 4821680128
By ramankit.singh

I Don't Get it Either

drink wtf feelings funny - 7442389248
By Unknown

In Case You Don't Know How to Feel About Showering

feelings emoticons - 6818296832
By Unknown

I Don't Get It

feelings twilight get it - 6795448576
By Unknown
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