I Feel It In My Bowels

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Emoticon Reading 101

emoticon fart masturbation punching - 5763810304
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We Need an App for That

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Dating Fails: Can't You Smell My Affection?

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Breaking Wind

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TBubba's Thanksgiving Just Got Messier

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The Heatsinks Aren't the Only Reason the Server Room is Warm

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The Shooting War has Begun

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Well, there Goes My Sense of Humor

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It's That New Leather Smell

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Runaway WIN

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Autocomplete Me: Is It Rude...

Autocomplete Me failboat fart g rated gross inappropriate - 5016112128
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Probably Bad News: Discipline FAIL

failboat fart g rated Probably bad News punishment school school bus - 4764414976
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He Who Smelt It...

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