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Pleasant Interview FAIL

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Well That's Something I Guess

iPhones gross fart - 6724494592
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Sponsorship FAIL

gas pun innuendo fart swimming speedo - 6678528512
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Fun Fact WIN

Fun Fact gas fart balloon school troofax true facts - 6666808832
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Total Eclipse of the Shart

fart Rage Comics fatherson - 6652526848
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I Know You Are, You Said You Are

fart zombie apocalypse zombie - 6593267456
Created by DaFaireh

I'm Sorry: A) You Bought That Shirt? B) You're Wearing it at What Appears to Be Your Child's School?

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Farting Underwater FAIL

animated fart gifs - 6507773184
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Gassy Forest FAIL

fart sign - 6530206208
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She Who Smelt It

blame fart Rage Comics - 6433976320
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FAIL Nation: Rules FAIL

fail nation fart funny signs g rated - 6430667776
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Might as Well Quit While I'm Ahead for Today

child fart farting parenting - 6381717760
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Necessity FAIL

fart freezer ice cream sign - 6335609088
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This Is Why We Wear Pants

cold fart farting gas steam - 6102438656
Created by Sticky D

FAIL Nation: Sign Design FAIL

fart Professional At Work signs - 6096592128
Created by tj

What Else Would You Expect From Someone Named "Noodles?"

auto correct eating fart food typo - 6061535744
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