Video of mice infestation in rural Australia

Australia's Mouse Situation Is Getting To Be A Lot

The floor is mice!
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hens chase amazon delivery driver off property

Amazon Driver Chased Off Property By Hens

Fear the birds.
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A quick and hilarious story about dramatic day on the farm. | Livestock drama "Let's put pool noodles on goat's horns says teenager Why would begin, but they have already stampeded out house shrug.

A Quick Hilarious Livestock Drama

Presenting, the Eldritch abomination.
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Guy keeps parking on land so the owner charges him for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/TboneXXIV 2 days ago 2 2 3 can't park there. Ok can, but will cost oc M My parents had this problem with guy parking tractor trailer on their land. He lives right across one their pecan groves grove has well spaced trees all neat rows grass is mowed super short ground is really flat looks like an ideal place pull rig if don't know better.

Guy Keeps Parking on Property, So Owner Starts Charging Him

Not the Pecans!
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Police officer tells funny story about catching a loose cow.

Police Officer Responds to "Cow Fell Out Of Truck" Call, Finds Himself Wrangling Cattle

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minions farm Video win - 80739841

There's a 25ft Tall Minion in Indiana and the Town Loves it

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Chase Down Your Dream Job; This Farm Needs You to Cuddle Its Little Baby Goats

Via Mashable
farm Video playing - 72529921

Lambs: Ground is Lava!

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Just Me and My Bovine Peeps

selfie farm cows failbook g rated - 8166919680
Created by SticksAndScissors

A Dog in Scotland Took a Tractor for a Joyride. His Face Says it All.

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chores BAMF farm Video g rated win - 70342657

Scythe vs Weed Whacker, Who's Going to Clear This Field Faster?

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creative farm Video - 11911937

Proximity Scarecrow

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A Wheel of Fence

Via dittidot

It's Getting Lonely Out There, and the Cows Are Nervous

clever wifi farm - 8368626432
Via Brown Cardigan

The Flow is too Strong

farm lady bits oh god why lady problems failbook - 8315835392
Created by kcfish
silo farm Video - 61080321

There's More Than One Way to Demolish a Silo, but This First Try isn't One of Them

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