Absurd Dungeons and Dragons expoits

Stupid Items Dungeons and Dragons Players Exploited To Their Limits

The real weapon is creativity.
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twitter thread on how New Orleans looks like a bad fantasy map

RPG Creator Points Out The Geographical Absurdity of New Orleans

It's improbable, bordering on unbelievable.
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Tumblr thread talks about dwarves' beards being intelligent defense mechanisms | deluxeloy Theory: So know dwarves have thing with beards if 's not just cultural standard or mere coincidence if there's reason? See, dwarves like dig lot. They build underground homes, and there's nothing more rewarding them than digging up some gems or valuable metals. But chipping away at all rock and disturbing all earth kicks up lot dust and dirt. If do every day without proper breathing protection

Tumblr Thread: Dwarves Have Intelligent Super Beards

Totally on board with this.
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Wholesome fairy twitter thread | kelly victoria @saysthefox think everyone could use lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At beginning pandemic went through some painful personal stuff and would often go out at night long walks because no one around and couldn't sleep anyway. One night walking down my street and noticed someone had set up few little objects tree planter and upon closer inspection realized fairy garden with little note about 4 year old girl who felt lonely quarantine

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Creates Mind-Blowingly Wholesome Fairy Experience

That is bone-jarringly wholesome.
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A ridiculous Tumblr thread about forging a longsword from the blood of one's enemies. | Ethan Details K So calculated And eould only take about 400 people get enough iron forge steel longsword U know fantasy books talk about swords "forged with blood enemies"

Tumblr User Does The Math On Forging Literal Blood Sword

Tumblr's wandering minds at it again.
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A quick and funny Tumblr post breaks down cultural differences between goblins and orcs | firebirdeternal know 's more fun than worldbuilding makes some fantasy races EEEEVIIIIIIILLLLL Worldbuilding gives different races cultural differences help explain why there's lot conflict between them:

Quick Tumblr Post On Cultural Differences Between Goblins And Orcs

What a fun little read.
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funny tweets

20 Times Awful Fantasy Was Awful and Fantastic

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tumblr thread about how humans would make great sci fi monsters

Interesting AF Tumblr Thread Proves Humans Are Badass Sci-Fi Monsters

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fantasy story time

Bored-At-Work Friend Texts Super Imaginative Tale

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fantasy twitter map funny new orleans - 5109509

Writer Goes Off on Impossibility Of New Orleans

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relatable memes

21 Hopeless Depictions of Relatable Situations Will Have You Scream-Laughing

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Happens Everytime

facebook fantasy funny Video - 8168655616
By Unknown

How Many Legs Does This Faerie Have?

fantasy funny - 7766260480
By FrauAdal

Accentuate the Best Parts

fantasy wings sexy tattoos chest tattoos - 7139644672
By Unknown


fantasy long hair reality - 6741596672
Via LOLDWell

Well That CAN'T Be Comfortable

costume fantasy satyr weird what wtf - 6474311424
By Unknown
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