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Mariah Carey Surprises Superfans

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That Should Hold It

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The Pen is Mightier Than the Fan

rubber bands pens fans there I fixed it - 7872219392
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A Little Higher...Perfect!

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Fan-tastic DIY

DIY fans there I fixed it computers - 7871124736
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Who Said Computer Fans Had to Be Internal?

computers fans there I fixed it - 7857231616
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Justin Bieber Loves Meeting Himself

justin beiber face swap fans - 7856146944
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The Fragrance For Every Little Monster Out There

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Almost as Good as One Air Conditioner

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Beyonce Gets Pulled Off Stage

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Can't Wait For the HVAC Repairman?

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Mindless, Slobbering, Hankering for Human Flesh – Zombies or 1D Fans?

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A Fantastic Repair

car repairs cars fans funny - 7683224832
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It's 101 Degrees. Slap Another Ice Pack on There.

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Excited Fan is Excited

Music concerts beyoncé fans funny - 7625524992

I Kinda Wanna See What Would Happen if I Put Fruit in There

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